2019-Term 4 – Week 9



christmas prayer

Message from the Principal

2019 has been an astoundingly full year of learning and growth. Enrolments over the year have been steady with the 2020 Kindy class full and only one space left for our 2020, 3 Year Kindy program.  Our outstanding early childhood area has become a highlight for all visitors. I believe that through our diverse program we allow each child to achieve their academic potential while ensuring that we place high priority on developing their spiritual, social and emotional well-being. With an emphasis on evangelisation and Gospel values, as a community, we are able to provide an environment where our children not only fulfill their potential but become loving and caring individuals who live out Jesus’ teachings.

Between 2017-2019 we have worked on our school strategic plan focusing upon the following goals:

  • To ensure all staff demonstrate best practice in teaching and learning, considering evolving educational trends and practices.
  • Produce creative and critical thinking citizens.
  • To build strong relationships between the school and its families.
  • To engage the school community with that of the Parish.
  • To create physical environments of high standard and allow for authentic, creative and exploratory learning.
  • To develop a consistent whole school approach to assessment and monitoring.
  • To model discipleship by overtly helping the needy in and out of our community.
  • To inspire students to know, understand and live out the Gospel values of Catholic Christianity as an expression of faith in our modern world.

Throughout 2020 the school board, P&F, staff, parents and students will be involved in developing a strategic plan for the coming years.

We have had another busy but productive year. A major learning emphasis over the course of 2019 has been Writing with a focus on grammar and punctuation.  Staff have developed a whole school approach to the teaching of grammar and punctuation. We have begun the use of Brightpath which is an online writing assessment tool that assists teachers to identify the required learning to cater for individual learning needs. A consistent approach to the teaching of Mathematics, using the resource Back to Front Maths, was introduced to staff across the school with professional development.  Science was an area in which staff engaged in hands on professional development in order to assist with science teaching programs. The introduction of a Visual Arts specialist has seen some outstanding artwork as well as the emergence of many budding artists.   Through a religious retreat staff had the opportunity to ‘step aside’ from daily concerns, gain perspective and enrich and refresh their ‘inner spiritual selves’. The introduction of 123 Magic & Emotional Coaching has meant a consistent approach to behavior management across the school. The program especially encourages and supports students to regulate and monitor their own behaviours.

This year we saw the introduction of a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Breakfast. This was a whole school community initiative which was a great success. A special thank you must go to Ori Kavanagh for her coordination and to the many staff who assisted with the preparation and running of the event.  Our student ministries and the role of school councilors underwent some small changes with the intention to increase student engagement, we will continue to  work on the student leadership within the school in 2020. Our support programs including Reading Recovery, Levelled Literacy Intervention, Toe by Toe and Rainbow Reading have had a great impact on improving students’ learning. This year Extended Mathematics Understanding (EMU), has not only been implemented in our Early Years teaching and learning plans  but also in our Middle Years and we have witnessed pleasing growth with all students involved.  Our Enrichment Program, Steaming Ahead, has continued to support gifted and talented students in a creative, challenging environment stimulating critical and higher order thinking skills.  Data has played an important part in developing whole school planning as well as guiding teachers with their planning. Overall, The 2019 NAPLAN results are very pleasing and are a credit to all our staff and students. The Bishops Literacy Assessment results were off the scale with our mean score being well above the state average. After analysis we believe this is not only the result of the wonderful Religious programs that teachers are running but also due to our focus on prayer, masses and Evangelisation Projects.

Community building has been a focus for the P&F this year. The P&F members are a team of hard working and enthusiastic parents who give their all to make OLGC the best place for all children. The P&F have have worked tirelessly throughout the year with a focus on building community. They have organised events including; Welcome Back to School Movie Night, SciTech Family Night, Kids Only Disco, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Stalls, the Parent and the Child URstrong Workshop, we survived the year morning tea as well as the Christmas Extravaganza. As part of the P&F, the ADHOC Fathering Group has been an active member of our school community. The ADHOC Fathering Group organised events including; lawn bowls, Lake Leschenaultia Day Out, Get Back Up – Resilience Parent Workshop and the Lancelin Camping Trip. The P&F are a vital and important part of our school and they should be pleased with the positive contributions they have made to increase the community spirit. A special thanks to the following members who are stepping down as committee members; Claire Berryman, Rita Maio, Sharon Seaman, Sharyn Bowman and Sumi MacNaughton. To all our other parents I would like to extend my thanks for your contributions throughout the year whether it be helping out in classes or volunteering your time, your efforts are an important part of your child’s life and learning.

To our school board I would like to extend my gratitude for their assistance over the year. While 2019 has not included any traumatic building projects it has involved many changes and improvements. The year began with the completion of the nature play area and fencing one day before students commenced. Over the holiday period we had the addition of a water tank and water pump which solved our ongoing issues with low water pressure.  An amazing space was created for Art with an external door leading to an outdoor area was added, the Year 2 classroom was gutted, painted, carpeted and new furniture added. We also conducted major roofing works addressing ongoing winter leaks. Some projects for 2020 may include replacing Year 2, 3, 4 and art room doors with glass doors and as well as possibly adding an external door to the library to create an outdoor learning area. The reinstatement of the canteen was a hot topic with a close eye kept on profit and loss. After some discussion and feedback from parents it was decided to continue with the canteen but due to level of demand on a Monday it was decided to run the canteen for one day. 2019 has also see a major change in finances, moving from a cash to an accrual system. This has been a learning process for myself and the Board, I would like to thank Margy for her assistance and guidance in this area. This year we farewell Todd Knox. I would particularly like to thank Todd for his assistance with our 2018 build as well as his advice with many other projects. In 2020 Catholic Education WA will move to be incorporated. In accordance with the requirements of incorporation, all aspects of our governance are being reviewed and updated. It is expected that the role of the School Board and the School Board Constitution will be reviewed in 2020.

Halfway through the year we said farewell to Fr Nicholas. I would once again like to thank Fr Nicholas for all his wonderful spiritual leadership and contributions to our school community. We welcomed Fr Bernard who has quickly settled into our community becoming a familiar and welcoming face to students, staff and families. Fr Bernard has already begun the process of building stronger relationships with the community through his openness and engagement as well as his recent survey in which he will listen to the community needs. Our Sacramental workshops have been effective in providing students and parents the opportunity to share in each other’s faith journey. To our parishioners, Maureen Smith and Estelle Hall, I would like to say a big thank you for visiting each week to volunteer their time to assist with one support programs.

2019 began with a number of staffing changes. Alex Mignogna joined us in Year 1, Cara O'Neil started up our Visual Arts program, Gill Ford begun her work as Social Worker and Hayley Hamilton took over as Canteen Manager. Halfway through the year Nicole Strijk went on maternity leave and Emily Krikstolaitis took over as Year 2 teacher. Towards the end of Term Three Jo Grandy, one the Kindy assistants, relocated to start a new adventure with her family and Shannon Wilson stepped in to her role. In Term 4 Samantha Burke joined our staff as an educational assistant to help in Year 5. In 2020 there will be no changes to teachers or the grades they are teaching. However, there are a few changes, Brigitte Lowe will move from her educational assistant role in Year 2 and will join the Kindy team which includes Lillian Monastra, Anna Luca and Shannon Wilson. Samantha Burke will be joining Ori Kavanagh and Karen Fanderlinden in Pre Primary. Haylee Hamilton our canteen manager has resigned. I wish to thank Haylee for all her hard work in setting up the canteen. We have been very fortunate to employ Rachel Marodon for the role of Canteen Manager in 2020. Rachel brings a wealth of experience as the current manager of St John’s School and City Beach School. Jenny  Turner, the admin officer, will be moving to part time working 4 days a week and  Shannon Wilson will work each Friday in the office. Last but not least, we farewell Alison Elsegood our finance officer who has been at OLGC for over 9 years. Alison’s expertise in finance has meant a well managed budget and well managed finances. Her ability to complete a wide variety of demanding tasks has enabled the school to thrive. Her smooth migration from cash to accrual has allowed Alison to perform at her best. For me personally Alison ability to tackle any task has meant they I am able to confidently focus on my may other responsibilities knowing our finances are in good hands. Thank you Alison and we wish you well.

As a principal I have the wonderful opportunity of visiting other schools. I was fortunate to be part of a school review in which I witnessed a lot of good programs and teaching. However, It wasn’t until we had our review earlier this term that I fully realised what an exceptional school we have. The panel reviewing the school were amased at not only our academic performance but at the varied programs we offer and the innovative ways we ensure that each year level is part of evangelization. I am honoured to have a staff who not only produce high quality learning programs but ensure it is a school where each individual child has the opportunity to grow as a whole person. The way our staff interact, support  care and educate  our children makes such a difference to their everyday lives. To our wonderful staff in the front office, Jenny and Shannon, I would like to thank them for the way they greet everyone who visits our school ensuring they feel welcomed and valued and for all the extra support they give to me.  To Lillian Monastra, who was our acting Assistant Principal in Term 2, I would like to thank her for the amazing job she did ensuring that everything was well organised and planned as well as supporting staff, students, parents and most importantly, me. To Jasmin Kenworthy, our Assistant Principal, her enthusiasm for learning is contagious, she has every individual student as a number one priority and always makes sure that staff always place the child’s needs at the centre. Jasmin makes me a better principal through our many engaging improvement discussions, thank you Jasmin. To belong to such an amazing school is a privilege I cherish. I hope everyone realizes that we have a unique and high quality school. I wish you all a happy and Holy Christmas.

God Bless

Nic Gaglia



2020 Dates

Term 1

Students Commence - Monday 3rd February

Public Holiday - Monday 2nd March

Pupil Free Day - Tuesday 3rd March

Last day for Students - Thursday 9th April


Term 2

Students Commence - Wednesday 29th April

Public Holiday - Monday 1st June

Pupil Free day - Tuesday 2nd June

Last Day for Students - Thursday 2nd July


Term 3

Students Commence - Tuesday 21st July

Last Day for Students - Friday 25th September


Term 4

Students Commence - Monday 12th October

Last Day for Students - Friday 11th December


Please find link below for Parent Term 1 Planner

Parent Term 1 Planner 2020



Office News

Lost Property

We currently have a picnic blanket and and Eagles Cap in the office that was left at the Christmas Extravaganza Picnic.

Please feel free to come and collect them if they are yours.





On behalf of Alison and myself, we wish all our OLGC Families the Blessings of the Christmas Season, a wonderful holiday break and safe travels to those who are going away.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2020.


Jenny and Alison


lost property


Well done to Addison Kime  for the winning entry in Liza Harvey's Christmas card competition.

Addison's artwork has been printed onto Liza's Christmas card for this year!






P&F class reps- please email pf@olgc.wa.edu.au if you would like to be a 2020 rep. Please remember to hold off on all communication until we begin the school year. We need to ensure all parents chose to opt in to communication.


The P&F would  like to wish all our families a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year. We look forward  to another great year at OLGC.


The OLGC P&F is now on Facebook!!

As a way of keeping up with communication, a page has been created for members of the OLGC Community – please look for OLGC KARRINYUP P&F and request to join. All correspondence will be a duplication of what is already in the newsletter so you won’t miss out on anything.

School Banking

Hello School Bankers,

Wow, how fast has this year flown!

We would like to thank all of our students who have participated in the CommBank School Banking program this year. All tokens/rewards that have not been redeemed this year can be used in 2020. Thank you to all of the banking families for your ongoing support, teaching your child about money and saving.

Well done to Abigail Fowler (Year 6), Rhys Fowler (Year 3), Stephanie Morarty (Year 2), Samantha Fowler (Year 1), Chloe Coppolina (Pre Primary) and Preston Matsie (Pre Primary) who are the winners of our colouring competition.

We would also like to thank our fabulous volunteers (Mel, Fallon, Mairead and Meghan), who have donated their time to assist with the school banking program throughout 2019. Next year we welcome Lisa Hall to the School Banking Team.

Thank you for supporting the School Banking program and have a Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2020.


Natalie and Tracy.

School Banking Coordinators


Parish News

Advent Reconciliation in preparation for Christmas

Reconciliation will be available before weekend masses.


Christmas Carols 2019

We would like to extend a welcome to all who are interested in joining the Christmas carols group. The group will visit parishioner’s homes on the evenings of December 7th, 8th, 13th, and 14th. Use the sign up sheet to join the group or if you would like the carollers to visit your home. Contact Iliana for more information: 0499 089 256.


St Vincent de Paul Society Thank you for your generosity in helping to make Christmas a little brighter for people in need in our local community. There si still time to take a star from the Christmas Tree to support those named and make up a Hamper Basket/Vinnies’ bag with food. Single food items can also be left in the Vinnies basket in both Church.

See notice board for further details or contact Barbara, 94465324.


St Dominic’s Morning Tea

The December after mass morning tea has been rescheduled to Sunday 15 of December due to the St Vinnies hamper collection.


Columban Catholic Art Calendar 2020

On sale at Mass from this weekend. $10.


Archbishop’s Christmas Appeal

Please give generous support to help the work of our Archdiocesan social service agencies and help people in need. Return your envelope/donation to the parish at any time over the coming weeks. You may also donate online at www.lifelink.com.au.


Christmas Reflection in Word and Music 

A beautiful & inspiring evening of readings & sacred music. Thursday, 12 December from 7pm – 8.30pm,St Patrick’s Basilica, Fremantle.

Tickets: Adults $30; Conc $20; Under 12 yrs are free.

More info from: Lydia, 94227933 or lstanley@catholicmission.org.au. Visit https://www.trybooking.com/BGRGF. See notice board for more details.


Parish Baptisms

We welcome into the parish community this weekend Hannah Mae Pilot, daughter of Olivier & Caitlyn Pilot and Spencer Zhang Wei Otto son of Chad and Larissa Otto.

We welcome Hannah and Spencer to the parish and pray for the Pilot and Otto families.


A very Happy Christmas

Wishing everyone in the school community a joy filled, holy and blessed Christmas and a safe happy holiday with your loved ones.


For information on Christmas Mass times please check the Parish website.   https://www.innalookarrinyup.perthcatholic.org.au/parish-bulletins


God bless you and your families.

nativity image
Christmas Programme at Innaloo Karrinyup Catholic Parish 2019 v4

2020 Sacramental Program

Sacrament of Reconciliation   6pm Thursday 5th November 2020

Parent & Student workshop 5:30pm Thursday 15th October 2020

Student Retreat 8:40am-3pm Friday 16th October 2020 at OLGC


First Holy Communion  9am Sunday 14th June 2020

Parent & Student workshop 5:30pmThursday 28th May 2020

Student Retreat 9am-2:30pm Friday-5th June 2020 at St Dominic’s School. Parents to drop & Pick up.


Confirmation 9am Sunday 9th August 2020

Parent & Student workshop 5:30pm Thursday 30th July 2020

Student Retreat 8:40-3pm Friday 1st May 2020


Enrolment Mass

Students receiving a sacrament are to attend one enrolment mass either at OLGC Church or St Dominic’s Church on one of the following weekends: 29th February, 1st March, 7th March or 8th March

OLGC Church Mass times:  Sunday: 8:00 am

St Dominic’s Mass times:    Saturday: 6:00 pm Sunday: 9:30 am


Parent Sacramental Meetings

At least one parent from each family is asked to attend one of the following Parent Sacramental Meetings.

2pm Tuesday 25th February at OLGC Hall        or        6pm Thursday 20th February Saint Dominic’s Hall


Parish Survey

Fr Bernard and the Parish Pastoral Council are conducting this survey to find out how you feel about our parish and future directions we need to take.

This survey is anonymous (no names please) so that you can respond as honestly as you can.
Put a mark next to the statement that best reflects how you feel. After each question there is a space to add any comment you may wish to. Please give that some thought as your comments will be of great assistance.

We appreciate the time you take to answer these questions and assure you that your ideas will be listened to and become part of the planning for our Parish.

To complete the survey please use the following link Parish Survey

Fr Bernard Lanarolle                                                     Gwen White
Parish Priest                                                                   PPC Chairperson



This Summer School Holidays we are running Workshops with LEGO® and Coding with Robotics.

Our holiday programs are designed for kids ages 5 -12. We have many themes to inspire creativity and fun.


The following link if for parents to make an online booking.



Our Summer School Holiday Workshops are located at the following locations:

  • Our Lady of Good Counsel School @ Karrinyup
  • Christ Church Grammar School @ Claremont
  • West Leederville Primary School
  • Currambine Primary School


Rachel Koo & The BRICKS 4 KIDZ® Team

bricks 4 kidz

Community News


My name is Natasha and I'm the new Secretary of the Newman Sienna Netball Club.

If you are in Year 6, in 2020 and are interested in joining the Club for 2020 you are WELCOME.


Please let me know if you have any queries.


Natasha Rapoff


Newman Sienna Netball Club

1 (3)


1 (2)