2020-Term 2 Week 8



Church images

God,  help me to focus on Truth

      instead of trial.

Help me to give thanks

    instead of giving into fear.

Help me to choose joy

    instead of anger.

Help me to trust in your power

    instead of my plan.

Help me to praise Your name

    instead of my own.

Message from the Principal

Over the past few months we have had to have a different experience of Church. Fr Bernard and our Parish did an amazing job by providing online, child focused, family prayer services as well as online masses. I was able to engage in my own parish's online masses; however, while I was able to engage in the celebration it did not cater for the full spiritual experience plus there were many distractions. It has been wonderful to now be able to attend Church as it not only allows us to receive the Eucharist but gives us that time once a week, for an hour, when we are able to fully experience a connection with God.

At school we will continue to have prayer services and masses in classrooms. With the current restrictions it is too difficult to go to Church as we would have to follow the 1.5m social distancing restrictions. On Monday all students engaged in our first online prayer service which was recorded last week. While this isn't the perfect solution it is a wonderful way for our students to engage in Monday morning prayer with the whole school. On Thursday our Year 4 class will celebrate mass in their class with Fr Bernard.



Churches and chapels are permitted to open with capacity limits of one hundred (100) people. There is to be two (2) square metres of floor space per person with each person practicing physical distancing by keeping 1.5 metres from other persons of other households. Due to the 1.5 distancing this means we have to use every 2nd pew. Those who live in the same house are able to sit together on the same Pew. However, those who do not will have to sit 1.5m apart which means 2 people per pew.

We are planning on celebrating Reconciliation early next term. There will be a number of restrictions regarding those who are able to attend. As social distancing does not apply to those who live in the same house each family will be allocated one row. Further details we be sent in the coming week. The Reconciliation Workshop for the student and one of their parents is 23rd July, 5pm, in the Hall. Attendance at the workshop is necessary if your child is to receive Reconciliation this year.

Permission has been given to go ahead with First Holy Communion, however, due to the current changes it will be very restricted. Therefore, we plan to wait until the beginning of Term 3 with the hope that further change occurs to allow us to celebrate together. At the moment we intend to have the sacrament towards the end of Term 3. Further details will be sent early next term.

The celebration of Confirmation (school-aged children) remains temporarily suspended.



This semester, schools across the country have had major disruption with teaching and learning programs. As you are aware the disruption began during week 7 of last term where many students began to stay at home. School then changed to a week spent testing and experimenting with online learning and then school closed a week early. Term 2 began with online learning for 3 weeks, at school or at home. Obviously online learning meant that teachers did not know how much assistance children received on tasks, so assessment was not valid. Therefore, teachers have only had a few weeks of valid data to base grades on (week 4 -9). Teachers have been asked to be cautious with their grading due to the validity of the data.

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority’s have amended the Semester 1 2020 reporting requirements. Schools are required to provide parents:

  1. Information which gives an accurate and objective assessment of the student’s progress and achievement, report on the curriculum taught and for which teachers can make a fair and reasonable professional judgement regarding student progress. Schools are not required to report student achievement using the A, B, C, D and E.
  2. Schools should include some information regarding affective domains such as attitude, behaviour, and effort.

At Our Lady of Good Counsel School reporting will focus on the areas of Religion, English and Maths using the three-point student progress scale as well as an effort mark:


  • Above Expected Level
  • At Expected Level
  • Working Towards Expected Level

Effort mark

A = Always

F = Frequently

U = Usually

I = Intermittently

N = Never


Due to the limited contact with specialist areas an effort mark only will be provided for Semester 1.


For Personal & Social development the following key will be used



N=Not demonstrated


Lastly every child will be given a General Comment.


Reports SEQTA Engage

For those parents who have older children in high school SEQTA engage may be a familiar site. This semester we will not be printing out reports. Parents will be able to access their child's reports via this secure site. Later this week you will be sent detail reading how to access the site. Please ensure that you are logging onto this site and testing that you have access.


3 Year Old 2021 and Kindy 2022

I have begun interviewing new families for our 2021 3 Year old program as well as our 2022 Kindy. While the interviews have been different as I have to run them after school and only give a limited tour it has been great to hear the positive feedback parents are hearing form the community. If you have a child who is starting three year olds next year or Kindy in 2022 please contact the front office ASAP. Please do not assume we know that a sibling is starting.


Sick Students

Students who are unwell have been advised by the Chief Medical Officer to stay at home if displaying ANY flu like systems. Please ensure that you keep your child at home if they are unwell. Children, at school, displaying flu like systems will be sent home to maintain the safety of all students and adults at school.


Medication at school

If your child requires medication during the school day please ensure you are contacting the front office to complete an Administration of  Medication Form. All medication needs to be handed into the front office and will be administered by a staff member. Under no circumstances should any child have medication in their school bag or on their person, with the exception of Asthma Puffers for particular circumstances.


Pick up and drop off

Many parents have enjoyed the new drop off system whereby students are dropped at the back carpark gate or the church 'kiss and drive'. Parents who wish to still drop children at the class door are able to continue.  While in the past all Pre Primary children were required to be dropped off by a parent at the door I am happy for Pre Primary children with an older responsible sibling to drop them off at the Pre primary door. Please be aware that the Pre Primary door now opens at  8:30am.

At the end of the day parents are able to pick students up from the class door or children are able to wait with the teacher on duty on the grassed area outside of the Hall. After 3:15pm any children not picked up will be taken down to the front office. With pickup for a Pre Primary child they can be picked up by an older responsible sibling. If you wish to do this please send an email to Ori Kavanaugh.


Conduct statement 11

You act reflectively and ethically.


  1. You engage with the school reflectively and ethically to ensure that you consciously put student safety and well-being at the forefront of your behaviour and decisions.
  2. You develop and maintain appropriate and best practice advice, support and care for each student and their family.
  3. You evaluate your conduct and competency according to this Code, the terms and conditions of your relationship with the school, and school policies.
  4. You contribute to the professional development of school staff as appropriate.
  5. You contribute to continuous improvement by supporting opportunities to record, assess and learn from incidents involving student safety and well-being.
  6. You advise the Principal of any reduction in your capacity to act in the best interests of the safety and well-being of students due to health, social or other factors, while you seek ways of addressing the deficiency.
  7. You take care of the safety and well-being of all members of the school community so that you all may fully contribute and cooperate in providing for the safety and well-being of students.


God Bless


Nic Gaglia



In the last week of school, due to Friday being a pupil free day, the canteen will be open on Thursday 2nd July.


Parents are now able to volunteer in the canteen. However on arrival you be instructed on new Cover 19 rules and procedures.

If you are able to assist please follow the link below and add your name to the roster below.

Canteen Roster


Parish News

Please register for the upcoming Masses. You will need to do this every week until further notice. The links will be sent out each week, or they can be accessed from the Parish website.


Current weekend Mass times are:

Saturday   6.00pm  Innaloo

Sunday     7.30am   Karrinyup

                   9.00am   Innaloo

                11.00am   Karrinyup

These times also will stay in place until further notice.


Meals By Mums

A few weekends ago the Meals by Mums group spent a Saturday cooking and packing meals. The meals are collected by Shopfront who hand them out to families in need. Especially at this difficult time it has been a welcomed relief for many less fortunate in our community.


Community News

Scarborough School Holiday Sports Program

Kids will learn, play and grow their love of sport whilst having fun and making new friends!


Basketball | Indoor Soccer Indoor

Hockey | Dodgeball and more!


This program is suitable for boys and girls aged 5 to 11 years at all skill levels.

July 2020 Sessions

  • Monday 6th, Wednesday 8th,Friday 10th.
  • Monday 13th, Wednesday 15th, Friday 17th.

Time: 9.00am to 3.00pm.  Cost: $50.00 per day (Price includes morning tea and lunch.)


Visit www.stirling.wa.gov.au/scarbschoolhols

Or call (08) 92057490 for more information.