2020-Term 1 – Week 1



Term 1

Message from the Principal

What a great start we have had to the school year. Welcome back to all families and a special welcome to all the new families who have joined our wonderful community. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. From the many stories children have been sharing it sounds like many families had great adventures. I had a relaxing holiday where I was able to spend quality time with my family and even joined a gym for the first time!


Finance officer

This year we welcome Rocio Albanese to our staff. Rocio is our new finance officer who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our school. We have relocated the finance office to the old reading recovery room in the admin area just on the left before the staffroom.


Children’s Crossing

As mentioned in my email to parents we have appointed a traffic warden for the crossing on Miles Street. Our traffic warden is Steve. Steve has already expressed how well mannered all our students have been and how most families are crossing at the appropriate area. A reminder that I have employed Steve on a trial basis. We will, howeve resubmit an application for funding to extend the contract. Therefore, families are asked to ensure that they are using the crossing with the warden located in front of the church.



This year we welcome Rachel Mardon as our new canteen manager. Rachel has added a number of new items to the menu which has been added to this newsletter. Volunteers are an essential part of running a canteen and parents are encouraged to assist.


Parent/teacher night

Next Wednesday evening is the parent/teacher night. This is a great opportunity for teachers to outline expectations for the year. All parents are encouraged to attend. There will be 2 sessions in order to allow parents to attend more than one class.

Session 1 - 5:30pm.    Session 2 - 6pm

Conduct Statement 8

You support all members of the school community in making informed decisions about students.


  1. You recognise that parents are the first educators of their children and equal partners in the education of students.
  2. You understand that each member of the school community has skills, experience and knowledge that may be a unique resource that can be directed to towards the safety and well-being of students.
  3. You actively share information about students with their parents and the Principal so that they may make informed decisions about students. You listen to everyone with courtesy and respect.
  4. You treat the opinions of parents and school staff about the education and well-being of students with respect and dignity, even if you do not agree with it or believe it is misinformed or misguided.
  5. You use plain language with appropriate style, tone and level in your written or verbal communication, particularly when expressing technical or expert advice, and you actively seek confirmation that you have been understood.
  6. You engage with all parents equally and fairly, regardless of their relationship status, mindful that, in the absence of court orders to the contrary, each parent has equal and joint parental responsibility for their child. You do not allow your opinion about the behaviour of parents to prevent you from engaging openly and honestly with each of them about their child’s education.
  7. You continue to inform and engage with a parent about the education and well-being of their child on the assumption that it is in the student’s best interests to do so, regardless of the parent’s level of engagement with you or the child. You respect any decision by a parent to disengage with you or their child, and you remain open to re-engage in the future.
  8. You act to strengthen, preserve, restore and promote positive relationships between the student and their parents, family members, and those significant to the student, regardless of any breakdown in these relationships.
  9. You do not use the behaviour of either parent as a reason for denying them or their child access to information or support from the school that are in the best interests of the student, unless doing so would place the student or school community at risk of harm.


God Bless


Nic Gaglia


2020 Dates

Term 1

Students Commence - Monday 3rd February

Whole School Mass - Thursday 6th February

P&F Meeting - Tuesday 11th February 6:30pm

Parent/Teacher night - Wednesday 12th February 5:30 & 6pm

Public Holiday - Monday 2nd March

Pupil Free Day - Tuesday 3rd March

Welcome Back Movie Night - Friday 6th March

Welcome Back BBQ (ADHOC Event) - Saturday 29th February

Recfish WA- Fishing Clinic at Hillary’s Boat Harbour (ADHOC Event) - Saturday 14th March

Last day for Students - Thursday 9th April


Term 2

Students Commence - Wednesday 29th April

Public Holiday - Monday 1st June

Pupil Free day - Tuesday 2nd June

Last Day for Students - Thursday 2nd July


Term 3

Students Commence - Tuesday 21st July

Last Day for Students - Friday 25th September


Term 4

Students Commence - Monday 12th October

Last Day for Students - Friday 11th December


Please find link below for Parent Term 1 Planner

Term 1 Planner for Parents


Office News

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE....We look forward to seeing you when you pop into the office and helping when needed.


Enjoy the year to come.


Jenny, Shannon and Rocio



Hello, my name is Rachel and I'll be running the canteen at OLGC this year.  I look forward to meeting the parents, so please put your name down to volunteer on  Friday's (even for an hour or two).  We have a new menu for 2020, available on Quickcliq, with orders to be placed by 8am on Friday.


Please follow link to add your name to volunteer list :  Volunteer Roster







Canteen Menu 2020 OLGC
Canteen Menu 2020 OLGC2

Parish News

Welcome to the New School Year! Praying that 2020 will be a wonderful year for everyone.


Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time Reflection

This year our parish will have a special experience of Lent. It will be a time of feeling welcomed, that each person in their own way feels and knows that they have a place in our parish community. That each person, in their own way, also has a part to play in everyone feeling they belong to our community. How we will do this in Lent will be explained over the next few weeks, as we approach Ash Wednesday (26 Feb.) Like Simeon and Anna of Sunday’s Gospel, we too welcome Jesus into our lives. We welcome Him personally, individually into our hearts and we welcome Him into the Heart of our parish community. How true is this for me, would I like to experience this more deeply, more personally?


St Vincent de Paul Society

New members are urgently required to join our Conference to help needy people in our local community. If you can spare approx. one and a half hours a week to help others and attend two meetings a month then consider joining our group. Lots of support and training is provided. Come along to a meeting and find out what we do. All enquiries welcome. Phone Barbara 94465324.


Upcoming Events 

5 February —Liturgy meeting 7.30pm in home of Betty O’Neill.

12 February—Parish Finance meeting 7.30pm in St Dominic’s parish centre.

13 February—Parish Pastoral Council 6.30pm in OLGC Karrinyup presbytery


Reconciliation is celebrated after every Saturday morning Mass and before every weekend Mass.

Contact Fr Bernard 9245 3899 or Maureen Smith 9204 5172 to receive communion at home if you can’t attend Mass.


Have a good week.


God bless.



FEES & Health Care Cards

Families who are in receipt of a Centrelink issued Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card may be eligible for a discount on school fees. As school fees will be issued shortly, please contact Rocio Albanese or Alison Elsegood as soon as possible to check eligibility, on telephone 6242 3404 or email address: accounts@olgc.wa.edu.au.

For those families already receiving discounts, please bring in any newly issued cards or advise the school of changing circumstances whereby a family's Health Care Card is no longer valid.

Thank you.

Community News




Private Instrumental Tuition

Available at Our Lady of Good Council

20yrs Experience

Through music, we nurture, inspire, & ignite your child’s development in all aspects of education.

Contact: Kim Williams

Classical/Modern/Jazz. Will prepare for performance, Performing Arts,

AMEB Practical  & Theory ,WWC.



Kim Williams

Piano/Flute Specialist

M:  0408946793





OLOGC Hall Flyer




Learn to play tennis with Scarborough Tennis Academy!


  • Thursday mornings @ 7:30am
  • On the OLGC courts
  • Equipment provided
  • No experience necessary


http://www.scarboroughtennis.com.au/hot-shots-program for further information and enrolment, click on the link ‘Enrol for schoolies – Term 1 -2020’







Colour blindness means that a person cannot distinguish some colours or see the colours differently to other people. Very few people who are colour blind are ‘blind’ to all colours. Commonly, the colours seen differently are greens, yellows, oranges and reds.

An information leaflet on colour blindness is available for parent information.  Please take the time to read the pamphlet.

For more information,  see the Colour Blind Awareness and Support Group on http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/~doverton/

If you have any concerns, colour vision testing can be performed by some general practitioners, eye specialists or optometrists.


Thank you.


Community Health