2020-Term 3 Week 2



prayer t3, wk 2

Message from the Principal

“Kindness, patience and tenderness are very beautiful gifts. If you have them, you want to share them with others.” Pope Francis

Welcome back to Term 3! OLGC is a wonderful place to be and although the holidays were great to re-energise it has been uplifting to engage with the kids again. In the above quote Pope Francis highlights sharing our gifts with others. Over the past few weeks I have been fortunate to witness many of our students sharing their gifts with their friends both in class and outside at play.


Athletics Carnival

We have placed the Athletics Carnival on the school calendar for the 8th September. Closer to the date I will send information out regarding social distancing and hygiene practices, especially for the use of the toilets. Please note that the carnival may be canceled or changed at any time.


School Photos

A reminder that school photos are next Wednesday for Three year olds and next Thursday for the rest of the school. If you wish to have family photos you will need to pick up a form from the front office and return it before next Thursday.


Please continue to remind your child to wash their hands regularly, especially when entering and exiting their classroom, after going to the bathroom and before eating.  Please also encourage them to wash their hands when leaving and returning home.


On 1 July 2015 the Australian Government introduced the Office of Children’s eSafety Commissioner and the Enhancing Online Safety for Children Act 2015. The Act allows children suffering from serious cyberbullying to contact the Office of the Children eSafety Commissioner to have content removed if social media companies do not remove the offending content after it has been reported to them.  Resources can be found on the Office’s website www.esafety.gov.au. I encourage you to talk to your children about this issue.


Code of Conduct

To each fortnights newsletter I add a section of our Code of Conduct.  This year we also launched our Student Code of Conduct which has been a part of our assemblies. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to describe minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students. This code applies to all parents, staff, students and visitors to our school. If any member is concerned that there may have been a breach of the Code of Conduct they must contact the principal either by phone, email or in person.

The codes are available on our school website. Please find the links below.

Code of Conduct

Students Code of Conduct


God Bless


Nic Gaglia


Term 3


Eucharist Workshop - Thursday 30th July

Sacrament of Reconciliation - Thursday 13th August

Athletics Carnival - 8th September

School Disco - To be confirmed

EduDance Concert - Friday 25th September(To be confirmed)

Last Day of School - Friday 25th September


Message from the Assistant Principal

Curriculum Adjustment Plans (CAPs) and Individual Education Plans

Catholic Education of Western Australia is asking schools to transition from Curriculum Adjustment Plans (CAPs) and Individual Education Plans to call all plans Individual Education Plans (IEPs).  National Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) requires schools to have IEPs for all students who are on support programs such as EMU, Reading Recovery, LLI.  Students who are on these support programs need their learning supported in class and NCCD requires this to be documented in an IEP. 


IEP and CAP evaluations for Semester One will be sent home on Friday, Week Two.


Child Protection Curriculum


Office News

Lost Property

We currently have a girl's bangle that has been handed in.

If this belongs to your child - please come and see us in the office.


Thank you

lost property



On Wednesday September 2nd we will be holding our Great Book Swap.

This is our OLGC Library Evangelisation Project and all proceeds from the sale of the books go to The Indigenous Literacy Foundation which provides books, reading programs and early learning resources to people living in remote Australian communities.

As we approach the school holidays , it is often a good time for children to clean and sort their bookshelves and so if you or your extended families have any books you’d like to donate for our Book swap please drop them in to the school library at any time.

On September 2 all classes visit the book swap for a read, browse and buy. Students enjoy selecting books which range from 20 cents to $3 and at the same time learn about supporting others in our community.

Donations to the ILF are also welcome.

If you’d like to learn more about the foundation: https://www.indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au/

Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

Sheila O’Callaghan




This week Lego Club began. Students had an amazing time using their imagination to create amazing masterpieces. The lego club will be held each Tuesday and Thursday at lunchtime in the Library. A big thank you to Micheal in Year 4 for setting up the club and to the many families who donated lego.

2020-Term 3 Week 2



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Welcome back to the new term everyone!

To find all the latest information in your parish please visit our website where you can access the latest parish newsletter.



Alternatively  you can subscribe to receive an e letter to keep up with all the news.



Upcoming events

  • 13 Aug  - First Reconciliation OLGC 6.00pm
  • 20 Aug -  First Reconciliation St Dominic’s 6.00pm


For those Curious about the Catholic Church, Faith, God? Perhaps your child is curious about the Catholic faith, or you want to deepen your spirituality, or you simply have questions about God. Two parents from our schools have indicated their interest in joining our informal enquiry sessions to be held in Term 3. All are very welcome to come!

Times for these sessions will be arranged to suit you. Day or evening are possible. If you are interested, please email or phone Fr Bernard.


St Vincent de Paul Society 

Many thanks to those who have generously donated blankets for people in need in our local community. This has been much appreciated. From all Conference members. Our Conference has continued to support people in need in our local community during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We have a basket in the rear of each church for donations of food which are always welcome. As well, we have commenced our annual Winter Appeal and with the colder weather, blankets are especially needed. Blankets can be left in the rear of either Church for collection. All enquiries welcome. Contact Barbara on 9446 5324


Why We Do The Things We Do

The Entrance Procession: We stand as a sign of respect for what the Entrance Procession represents: 1. Incense (when used): signals the dignity of all those led by the Cross

  1. The Cross flanked by candles: Christ the light of all nations
  2. Readers who: Proclaim the Word of the Lord
  3. Deacon: servant of the people, who may Proclaim the Gospel and share the Homily
  4. Priest: normally the main celebrant at Mass in the person of Christ; Persona Christi Bishop: the one who is the greatest must be servant of all. [Mt 20:16,26]

The assembly, united in common dignity through standing for the Entrance Procession, welcome Christ as one pilgrim people moving forward.

Remember, we are a ‘royal priesthood and a holy nation, [1Pt 2:9] as we go rejoicing to the house of the Lord… giving thanks to the name of the Lord.’ [Ps122:1] [Edited from This is the Mass p.5]


God bless



CONGRATULATIONS to Lucas (Yr 3)  and Caleb (PP) Ecseri who were Baptised at Our Lady of Grace Parish on the 18th July, 2020.

The OLGC School Community wishes both of you many Blessings for the future.

lucas & caleb

Community News


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MercyCare are encouraging individuals to call our dedicated aged care team for information regarding aged care supports and services that are available for the over 65’s in our community. These government funded services will vary according to an individual’s needs- whether it be a little bit of help to stay living in your own home as you get older, or assistance to find the right Residential Aged Care facility for a loved one who needs higher levels care. Call or email us for a free aged care information pack- 08 6228 1537 / sspiro@mercycare.com.au.  



Microsoft Word - 2020 - Digital Nutrition - signature parent pre

As part of our Newman Parents information series, the College has an upcoming FREE parent session which I thought might be of interest to the community. The Newman Parents series is NOT exclusive to Newman families and we welcome all parents and guardians from our extended Catholic community.


For the first time, the College is welcoming Jocelyn Brewer one of Australia’s first formal Cyber-Psychologists. The topic she will be presenting is:


Untangling your tweens & teens from technology: Practical (and positive) strategies for parents.

In this 90-minute session, Jocelyn will share her expertise and help parents and carers better understand aspects of technology, apps and video game design. Through this knowledge parents will build skills to communicate with their child and create a positive framework for shaping healthy tech habits. The presentation will be followed by a Question and Answer session.


When: Wednesday 26 August, 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Where: Newman College Auditorium, 216 Empire Avenue Churchlands

RSVP: jo.dunn@cewa.edu.au


This session is for parents only. We hope that parents will use the information they learn to better educate themselves.