2020-TERM 4 – WEEK 10




Year 6 Graduation

Well done to our graduating class of 2020!

Graduation from primary school evokes different feelings and emotions : excitement in anticipation of beginning a new phase of life; sadness in leaving a place that has nurtured them for many years and some trepidation in what lies ahead. We hope they will forever treasure their time at Our Lady of Good Counsel School, Our Spirit - filled community, where there is sharing and praying, Learning and playing. There is no place like OLGC!


Over the holidays save those cans and bottles!!!

OLGC is involved in the Cash for Containers program through a partnership with the City of Stirling.
What can be recycled: aluminium cans, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3 litres.
What cannot be recycled: containers less than 150ml, and greater than 3 litres, plastic milk bottles, wine bottles, pure spirit bottles, cordial bottles and juice bottles over 1 litre or under 150ml.
We would encourage our students and their families to be involved in this fantastic project that will encourage recycling and also bring funds into the school.

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Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 6.02.13 pm


Next year we will be giving families the option to begin a payment plan ahead of the billing of the 2021 school fees.  Set aside a monthly amount on payment plan to the school, so that when school fees are billed in Feb 2021, your account is already in credit.  Consider keeping this payment plan going for the duration of your child’s stay at OLGC and never have to worry about fees again!

This year is a good year to start this system, because there is a 0% fee increase. 

Please find a link below to 2021 fees.

2021 School Fees

To set up a plan please contact Rocio  Rocio.Albanese@cewa.edu.au


School or College Uniforms on Hangers in Line. Children Clothes Vector Illustration

In preparation for 2021 please ensure you have read the uniform and grooming policy. Please refer to a section from the policy below.



Black lace up leather shoes are not to be substituted with sports style shoes. Sports shoes are to be predominantly white, with white laces.



Children’s hair should not restrict their vision while working and this applies to both girls and boys. Hair of shoulder length or longer must be tied back in the interest of safety and hygiene. Any fringe that is below eyebrow length should be clipped back or tied back. All students with collar length hair or longer must tie their hair back. Students must wear navy hair accessories - navy hair band, navy ribbons, navy scrunchies, navy clips or navy or black elastics. All hair must be clean and neatly presented. Hairstyles should be of a conservative nature and not coloured or inappropriately shaven i.e. no symbols or patterns shaved into head)


Please find a link below to the Uniform Policy:

Uniform shop will be open on  19th January, 2021  between 8.30 to 9.30 am.

Order forms and uniform requirements are on the school website.

Terri Benedetti can be contacted on 0409681931 or nicter1@bigpond.com


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Term 1

Monday 1st February - School starts for students

Monday 1st March - Public Holiday

Tuesday 2nd March - Pupil Free day(no school for children)

Thursday 1st April - Last day of school


Term 2

Tuesday 20th April - First day for students

Monday 7th June - Public Holiday

Tuesday 8th June - Pupil free day

Friday 2nd July - Last day of school

Term 3

Tuesday 20th July - First day for students

Friday 24th September - Last Day of School

Term 4

Tuesday 12th October - First day for students

Friday 10th December Last day for students


Please find a link below to the Term 1 Parent planner.

Term 1 Parent Planner


All other dates can be found on the school calendar.




Community News


bricks 4 kidz

My name is Rachel from BRICKS 4 KIDZ®. This Summer School Holidays we are running Workshops with LEGO® and Coding with Robotics. Our holiday programs are designed for kids ages 5 -12. We have many themes to inspire creativity and fun.

Online enrolment is at the following link:


Our Spring School Holiday Workshops are located at the following locations:

  • BRICKS 4 KIDZ City West @ West Perth
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel School @ Karrinyup
  • Christ Church Grammar School @ Claremont
  • St Mark’s Anglican Community School @ Hillarys
  • Beaumaris Primary School @ Ocean Reef

Thank-you. If you have questions, please contact us.

Rachel Koo & The BRICKS 4 KIDZ® Team





The City of Stirling’s school holiday programs keep kids active and engaged during the school break.  Registrations are open to children from 5-12 years and sports and programs are run by fully qualified instructors and coaches.

To view the program timetable and register online visit: