2022 – TERM 3- WEEK 2





2022 - TERM 3- WEEK 2



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2022 - TERM 3- WEEK 2

2022 - TERM 3- WEEK 2

Rhys Fowler

Congratulations to Rhys Fowler who has been selected to represent Western Australia in the 2022 Swimming 10-12 Yrs Championship.

This team will be competing at the School Sport Australia National Championships in Brisbane, QLD from Thu 18 Aug – Tue 23 Aug 2022.



Term 3

18/07/22 Pupil Free day

19/07/22 Term starts for students

09/08/22 Great Book Swap

23/09/22 Last Day for students


Term 4

10/10/22 Pupil Free day

11/10/22 Term starts for students

09/12/22 Last Day for students



2022 - TERM 3- WEEK 2



Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) is an Australian not-for-profit founded in 2011 that works to address the educational disadvantages faced by Indigenous Australian children and young people by providing access to books and literacy programs.

The purpose is to invest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote communities to provide the tools and resources. The request to shape the direction of their children’s literacy future. ILF supports remote communities across Australia.

This year, with help from Pre-Primary, Mrs Northcott and the Library Ministry, we will again help the ILF with our Great Book Swap on TUESDAY 9/8/2022.

Students to purchase prices ranging from 20c to $2 books All funds raised go to the ILF.

We kindly ask that over the holidays you go through bookshelves at home etc. and bring in any books your children no longer need and that are in reasonable condition. Any age books are accepted. Donations can be dropped off to the Library or Pre-Primary.








We now have some new items to order:

Spaghetti Bolognese – Lunch

*GF Pasta with Spaghetti Bolognese

*Bolognese – (Tomato, celery, carrot, garlic, onion, beef mince, bacon, Italian herbs)

*Cheddar or parmesan cheese available


*Cheese Cheesy

*Baked beans Cheesy

*Spaghetti Cheesy


Thank you


Canteen Manager




The OLGC P&F is on Facebook!!

As a way of keeping up with communication, a page has been created for members of the OLGC Community – please look for OLGC KARRINYUP P&F and request to join. All correspondence will be a duplication of what is already in the newsletter, so you won’t miss out on anything.

P&F t1 





WINTER UNIFORMS –  Term 2 and 3

Winter Uniform is to be worn for the next two terms.

Winter uniform requirements are on the website along with the order forms.



All boys in Year Three have a change of style of School Shorts, Viscose shorts with fly front and side tabs.

The elastic waist shorts are for Year 1 and 2 only.


Boys can wear trousers if they wish, I have stock on hand.

Girls can wear tights if they choose to but black only, I have stock on hand.



The school office has asked if uniform payments can be transferred directly to Uniform Account as this is their preferred way. If you can’t the office will still take credit cards and eft but no cash.


Any enquiries please email me.

Thank you,

Terri Benedetti




Uniform shop hours 8.30 to 9.30am on Tuesdays, school term only.



STARS ANNAIRE 2 Workshop for tweenages  STARS 




STARS 2022 - TERM 3- WEEK 2