2022 – TERM 4- WEEK 4



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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


What Makes a Great School Community?

Unless you’ve just returned from a prolonged stint at Australia's Antarctic Research Station at Mawson, you will no doubt be well aware of our wonderful school’s current situation with regards to enrolment numbers and our ongoing efforts to increase new enrolments and retain families once they have joined our school community.

Along with buying or selling your home and changing jobs, choosing which school to send your children to is one of the biggest and most important decisions you will make as parents or guardians.  So what do parents and guardians look for when selecting a school for their children?  The top criteria is a school with excellent educational standards.  Parents want their children to have a great education and opportunities to grow and develop their talents and skills.  A very close second is finding a school where their children will feel happy, safe and cared for. In a tie for second place is finding a school where the parents and the children have a sense of connectedness or belonging as part of the school community.

Now here is the deal breaker!  If schools don’t get the two tied for second place elements right, you can forget about achieving number one – a great education.  In order for schools to be able to provide the very best opportunities for children to learn, grow and develop to their potential, we first need to ensure that the children feel safe, secure and happy to come to school and that their families (parents, guardians etc) feel part of the school community as well.

As adults, you know very well that if your workplace environment is not one in which you feel connected, valued, comfortable or respected, then you’re not going to perform at your best or achieve your best.  If we are fortunate enough to work in an environment where we feel respected, valued and recognised for our work and input, then we are much more likely to feel positive about our work and achieve our goals and targets.  This is no different for our children.  They need to feel positive and happy about coming to school each day.  Only then can we begin to help them learn, discover, create and progress towards their potential.

Children are also very intuitive and observant, much more so than we often give them credit for.  If you, as parents or guardians, do not have a positive sense of connectedness and belonging as members of our school community, your children will pick up on this and it will influence their perceptions and attitudes about school.

So, what makes a great school community?  It’s having that positive sense of belonging and connectedness to others within the school community.  It’s being a community – having common interests, shared experiences, getting to know one another, forming relationships, friendships, acquaintances.  A great school community is one in which everyone, students, staff and families feel they are welcome, safe and supported.  Where everyone shares some common beliefs and values that bring us together to work and support each other to achieve the very best for our children.

In order to achieve this, it requires every single family to play their part!  As a parent or guardian you have a very important role to play in helping to establish and maintain a school culture and environment of mutual respect, dignity and friendliness, where every member of our school community feels welcome and valued.

This is critically important for new families to our school.  While our staff are focussed on engaging with new students and parents to help them settle into their new school and feel welcome and supported in the classrooms and playground, we really rely on our existing parents and guardians to help make new parents feel welcome and part of our school community.

All school communities develop a culture that is unique to their particular environment, broader community and the families that are part of the school.  What is common to all great school communities is that parents and families feel connected and engaged with their school community because they get involved in things.  Like any community, the more you get involved, the more you receive in return.  Attending school events, P&F social events, P&F fundraisers, open nights, assemblies, sporting events and carnivals, P&F Meetings, open nights, parent-teacher evenings, volunteering to help out with an event …. all of these things provide opportunities to develop friendships and become more connected and involved in our school community.  All of these events provide opportunities to make new families feel welcome and part of a vibrant, thriving school community.  Great things happen when people come together for a common cause or purpose!

So, how will you contribute to making OLGC an even greater school community?

Bless you.


Shaun O'Neill

Acting Assistant Principal




It is a timely reminder to please drop off and collect your children at the Thomas Street Carpark as the parking at the front of the school has become unsafe for children.   In particular,  PLEASE do not park on the lawn or pathway in front of the Church as it must stay clear for the pedestrian crossway.    The Council often do spot checks and we would like anyone to be fined.

Thank you.


Jasmin Kenworthy

Acting Principal



Term 4


3/11/22   -  Yr 6 Return from Camp

11/11/22  -  Yr 5 & 6  Excursion, Road Safety

28/11/22  -  Annual School Community Meeting


09/12/22 Last Day for students






  • A pair of child's black framed glasses have been handed in to the office - if your child is missing theirs,  please come and collect them.


  • If your daughter has lost a silver bracelet please come via the office to describe and claim it.


Also,    a Mosman Park RSL Badge was found on the lawn area with the name Frances Larkin.....anyone ??


Many thanks.

lost property


News from Our Sustainability Team


Hello Everyone,

You may have noticed some changes around the school over the past few months as we have begun some exciting new sustainability initiatives.

Earlier this year our school was fortunate to receive a Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant for $1000. We have used this money to purchase two worm farms made from recycled plastic, two garden beds, vege soil mix, vegetable seedlings and a compost bin. We also purchased a Nutribullet to make the processing the organic food waste, collected by our Environmental Ministry each day to feed our worms, quicker and easier.

In time, we hope to collect worm wee to sell to our community and also excess produce at a “Growers Market.”

At last week’s assembly we were able to give away some homegrown kale and basil. It is wonderful to see our veges growing happily, right before our eyes, which we hope will inspire our children to be curious, encourage healthy eating and want to do their part to save waste going to landfill.


Celine Pen

Year 6 teacher


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2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 4
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2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 4


P&F T3 Wk10


The OLGC P&F is on Facebook!!

As a way of keeping up with communication, a page has been created for members of the OLGC Community – please look for OLGC KARRINYUP P&F and request to join. All correspondence will be a duplication of what is already in the newsletter, so you won’t miss out on anything.





Year 1 - 2023

Uniform requirements and order forms were sent home the first week of term 4 for Pre Primary children starting year 1,  2023.


Samples to try are available at the Uniform shop, Could all families please pre order your Uniforms asap.  Could you please email your order or leave your uniform order  at the office , Some items may still be affected by the ongoing supply problems . Could you please note  when you would like your order delivered, eg asap, end of term 4 or the January open morning.


Pre Primary - 2023

Uniform order forms were sent home the first week of Term 4 for Kindy 4 yr olds starting Pre-primary 2023.


Please email your order or leave your order form at the office.    Could you please note when you would like your order delivered eg, asap, end of Term 4 or the January open morning.


Year 3 Boys - 2023

All boys going into year 3 have a change of style in the shorts.

Navy viscose side tab with fly front , please pre order.

The Junior elastic waist shorts  are for year 1 and 2 only.


Sports shorts are the navy rugby knit shorts, no other sport shorts to be worn.


Collection of your uniform order:

If no date listed for collection on your order I will pack and deliver to the office for you to collect, payment has to be paid on collection, Eft and credit card can be used on pick up but bank transfers need confirmation of payment.


Library bag:   please give two colour options if you wish a particular colour and I will do my best to supply.


Faction colour hats:  these are limited especially in size small and medium,


School bathers:   limited stock.



Uniform shop will open Tuesday - January 24th 2023 between 8.30 to 9.30am for collections, exchanges or sales.


Uniform account details:

On some of the order forms the bank details are wrong.  Please use these bank details for all uniform payments:


  • BSB 086 006
  • ACC 288 724 322
  • Ref:   Family Name



The school office has asked if uniform payments can be transferred directly to Uniform Account as this is their preferred way. If you can’t the office will still take credit cards and eft but no cash.


Any enquiries please email me.

Thank you,

Terri Benedetti




Uniform shop hours 8.30 to 9.30am on Tuesdays, school term only.




For those who have been involved with the OLGC Community in earlier years, we advise that a previous Staff Member, Nola Costello passed away last Thursday.

May she rest in peace.




2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 4



2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 4


Primary school

Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the summer school holidays. VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations. They are a great school holiday activity and they teach valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Enrol at education.wa.edu.au/vacswim


Secondary school

If your child has turned 14 years old, or will be turning 14 years in the same calendar year of the course, you can enrol them in VacSwim so they can get their Bronze Medallion during the summer school holidays. They’ll learn advanced survival, rescue and resuscitation skills to help keep them and others safe in the water.

Enrol now at education.wa.edu.au/vacswim




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2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 4