2022 – TERM 4- WEEK 6



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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Staffing 2023

One of the most vitally important aspects of any school is it’s staffing.  Achieving a great school community where every child is nurtured and supported to achieve their potential is only possible with the right combination of staff who individually possess a variety of skills, talents and abilities, but equally importantly combine to work well as a cohesive team.  One of the major challenges every primary school leadership team faces each year is successfully navigating the complex combination of factors in recruiting and deploying staff to enhance the teaching and learning that takes place, while also enhancing the level of collaboration and cooperation amongst staff members.

It is understandable that when a school has a group of staff that work well together and achieve great outcomes for the children and the school community as a whole, there is a strong desire to keep that team of people together for as long as possible.  Of course, in a modern workplace we also accept that jobs and indeed careers are much more fluid and dynamic these days.  Changes in staffing are a natural  and inevitable part of the process of schools growing, developing and responding to meet the changing needs of the children and families that comprise their community.  As the old saying goes, “Nothing stays the same for ever!”  Changes in staffing is an important part of each school’s focus on ongoing success, progress and improvement.

It is not just as simple as going out and hiring the very best teachers and education assistants.  It is crucial that these staff also possess the right combination of skills and attributes to get along with and fit in with the existing staff.  The importance of being a good team member who fits in, collaborates well with others and can contribute to team priorities outside of their classroom, cannot be underestimated.

Another very important dynamic in solving the staffing matrix is getting the combination of younger, more recent graduates and more mature, experienced teachers correct.  Younger teachers bring fresh ideas and new pedagogy with them from university, as well as levels of energy that only youthfulness can provide.  More mature teachers bring a wealth of experience and practical knowledge acquired over many years of teaching, which is impossible to ignore.  The challenge is getting the blend of youth and experience right, so that they all combine together, cooperate and collaborate to create something very special.

So, as you can see and hopefully appreciate, staffing is a complex, dynamic and regularly changing aspect of a school community.  Over the course of this term there has been several of our staff who have successfully obtained positions at other schools for next year.  This is testament to their ability and professionalism and in due course we will acknowledge their enormous contributions to our school.  This also means that we have been busy running several appointment processes to seek out the very best teachers and education assistants to ensure there is no disruption to our excellent educational programs and teaching performance next year.  Congratulations and go to Rachel DiGirolami, Georgia Boness, Emily Krikstolaitis, Karen Fanderlinden, Tim Carter who are moving to new schools.  Congratulations to Shaun O’Neill and Carlton Dias who are both retiring.  Both Cara O’Neil and Mark Fitzpatrick will be on leave for 2023.

I am therefore pleased to announce the staffing for 2023

  • Principal                         Lisa McClue
  • Assistant Principal        Rebecca Barfoot
  • 3 Year Old Kindy           Lillian Monastra and Pieta Stirling
  • Kindy                              Naomi McCoy, Anna Luca and Linda Finnegan
  • Pre-Primary                   Ori Kavanagh and Catherine Prentice
  • Year One                        Rebecca Barfoot/TBA and Jo-anne Deib
  • Year Two                        Jill Pollard and Bronte Goode
  • Year Three                     Amanda Cochrane/TBA and Pramila Ranabahuge
  • Year Four                       Halley McCormack
  • Year Five                        Ruth Lorenz
  • Year Six                          Celine Pen
  • Art                                  Alicia Randazzo





It is a timely reminder to please drop off and collect your children at the Thomas Street Carpark as the parking at the front of the school has become unsafe for children.   In particular,  PLEASE do not park on the lawn or pathway in front of the Church as it must stay clear for the pedestrian crossway.    The Council often do spot checks and we would like anyone to be fined.

Thank you.


Jasmin Kenworthy

Acting Principal


2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 6
2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 6



It’s not too late to purchase your tickets for our raffle! Just one week to go before the big draw!


Just a reminder that if you are a Year 6 family who is the lucky winner of the tuition fee prize, you will have your 2022 tuition fee refunded!


We also have some fabulous gifts that have been generously sponsored by some of our wonderful families!


Enter now by clicking the link below:



Thank you for supporting our school!








Term 4

11/11/22  -  Yr 5 & 6  Excursion, Road Safety

25/11/22  -  Talent Show


28/11/22  -  Annual School Community Meeting

06/12/22  -  Yr 6 Graduation Mass


09/12/22 Last Day for students













Scholastic Book image


The Fathering Project positively impacts fathering behaviour and fathers’ engagement with children through evidence-rich programs and resources that engage, equip and support fathers in our school community.

A large thanks must go to Glen Hunter and Shane McLean who have invested a great deal of time and energy in the ADHOC group and are finishing this year.

Thank you also to Paul Milward for leading this group, it is greatly appreciated.






2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 6


P&F T3 Wk10


The OLGC P&F is on Facebook!!

As a way of keeping up with communication, a page has been created for members of the OLGC Community – please look for OLGC KARRINYUP P&F and request to join. All correspondence will be a duplication of what is already in the newsletter, so you won’t miss out on anything.





Year 1 - 2023

Uniform requirements and order forms were sent home the first week of term 4 for Pre Primary children starting year 1,  2023.


Samples to try are available at the Uniform shop, Could all families please pre order your Uniforms asap.  Could you please email your order or leave your uniform order  at the office , Some items may still be affected by the ongoing supply problems . Could you please note  when you would like your order delivered, eg asap, end of term 4 or the January open morning.


Pre Primary - 2023

Uniform order forms were sent home the first week of Term 4 for Kindy 4 yr olds starting Pre-primary 2023.


Please email your order or leave your order form at the office.    Could you please note when you would like your order delivered eg, asap, end of Term 4 or the January open morning.


Year 3 Boys - 2023

All boys going into year 3 have a change of style in the shorts.

Navy viscose side tab with fly front , please pre order.

The Junior elastic waist shorts  are for year 1 and 2 only.


Sports shorts are the navy rugby knit shorts, no other sport shorts to be worn.


Collection of your uniform order:

If no date listed for collection on your order I will pack and deliver to the office for you to collect, payment has to be paid on collection, Eft and credit card can be used on pick up but bank transfers need confirmation of payment.


Library bag:   please give two colour options if you wish a particular colour and I will do my best to supply.


Faction colour hats:  these are limited especially in size small and medium,


School bathers:   limited stock.



Uniform shop will open Tuesday - January 24th 2023 between 8.30 to 9.30am for collections, exchanges or sales.


Uniform account details:

On some of the order forms the bank details are wrong.  Please use these bank details for all uniform payments:


  • BSB 086 006
  • ACC 288 724 322
  • Ref:   Family Name



The school office has asked if uniform payments can be transferred directly to Uniform Account as this is their preferred way. If you can’t the office will still take credit cards and eft but no cash.


Any enquiries please email me.

Thank you,

Terri Benedetti




Uniform shop hours 8.30 to 9.30am on Tuesdays, school term only.


2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 6


OLGC Second hand Uniforms

Facebook page: OLGC Uniforms – Sale or Swap


The second hand uniform Facebook page is a closed group for the OLGC families who wish to sell, swap, or provide free uniforms to our school community.

Five years ago I set this up and it is now time to pass on the administration role in 2023 to Terri-Ann Shilock as I will have no more children attending OLGC. Thank you to Terri-Ann who will fulfil this role.


You can search on Facebook for ‘OLGC Uniforms – sale or swap’ and answer the questions to join. Once approved you can search for items that you need or post items. Alternatively you can email myself until the end of the year Sharon Seaman – sharonlseaman@westnet.com.au or Terri-Ann tashilcock@gmail.com if you have any questions


It has been a pleasure being your administrator for the group and to all the families all the best at OLGC.


Sharon Seaman

Second hand uniform administrator




2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 6


Primary school

Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the summer school holidays. VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations. They are a great school holiday activity and they teach valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Enrol at education.wa.edu.au/vacswim


Secondary school

If your child has turned 14 years old, or will be turning 14 years in the same calendar year of the course, you can enrol them in VacSwim so they can get their Bronze Medallion during the summer school holidays. They’ll learn advanced survival, rescue and resuscitation skills to help keep them and others safe in the water.

Enrol now at education.wa.edu.au/vacswim




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2022 - TERM 4- WEEK 6