Early Childhood

Early ChildhoodAt Our Lady of Good Counsel School we believe that each child is a precious and sacred gift from God created as an individual with their own unique talents and abilities.  We cherish each child as a special miracle and strive to create an environment which enables them to experience the joy and wonder of our world. Educators recognise that families are children’s first and most influential educators. They create a welcoming environment where all children and families are respected and actively encouraged to contribute. Partnerships are based on foundations of understanding each others’ expectations and attitudes and they build on the strengths of each others’ knowledge.

Through observation of children’s skills and abilities, dispositions, background knowledge and culture, children are enabled to be confident and involved life-long learners by developing their imaginations, curiosity, sense of wonder, creativity, commitment and persistence. Educators are actively present and engaged in providing an holistic program that includes relevant and meaningful play, hands-on, individual, small-group and whole group experiences in a rich learning environment. Communication and language skills are planned for, integrated into and implemented in all learning experiences throughout the day.

Working with the Early Years Learning Framework, The Kindy Curriculum Guidelines, the Australian Curriculum, the Western Australian Curriculum and the Nationally Quality Standard, and responding to evidence-based research and practice, educators continue to review this charter and their practice ensuring that this remains a viable document guiding practice and supporting the early learning team.

Early Years Charter

Early Childhood Charter


Three Year Old Kindy Handbook