Teaching in Years 1-6

Teaching in Years 1-6Our Lady of Good Counsel School offers a broad-based curriculum with emphasis given to the care and development of the child as an individual and as a contributing member of the community.  The curriculum at Our Lady of Good Counsel School  is based on the Archbishop’s Religious Education units, the Western Australian Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum. We aim for a balanced education and while vitally interested in achieving academic excellence according to each child’s abilities, we are equally concerned with the children’s social and emotional well-being.

Our Lady of Good Counsel adopts evidence based best practice methodologies, technologies and planning.  Our contemporary ways of using technology for innovation are continually evolving which also enables teachers to teach in more contemporary and flexible ways.

The teaching practices at the school aim to motivated and engage all students on their learning journey.  We believe that every child is unique and made in the image and likeness of Christ.  Teachers tailor their instruction according to the strengths, interests and needs of the students.

A Literacy and Numeracy Program has been developed where specifically designed learning experiences assist all children, from the gifted child to those students requiring extra support.To support this approach we set aside 90 minutes of prime teaching time each morning as English Dedicated Time and a similar 60 minute block purely for Mathematics. During this part of the day interruptions to the school program are rare as this uninterrupted teaching/learning time is considered to be very important.   Along with strong Literacy and Numeracy programs we have Physical Education, Japanese, Music and Visual Arts.