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Enrolment InformationPROCEDURE

To apply for a position at this school, parents/guardians are required to complete and sign, the Application for Enrolment form.  The form must, to the best of your knowledge, be fully completed.  If it can be demonstrated that you have withheld information relevant to the application or enrolment process, especially in relation to your child’s individual needs, medical condition, health care requirements and/or Parenting Orders, then the enrolment may be refused or terminated.

Taking into consideration existing class sizes, an interview with the Principal or another member of the school Leadership Team may be arranged.  At least one parent/guardian and the child are expected to attend the interview, bringing relevant scholastic and sacramental records.  Legal documents (eg Parenting or Restraining Order), if applicable, must also be presented at the interview. The final result of the interview is at the discretion of the Principal.  The Principal reserves the right to contact the Parish Priest of the family seeking enrolment as well as previous educational/other institutions the child may have attended.

Where large groups of students are being considered for enrolment (e.g., Kindergarten), decisions may not be finalised until after all applicants have been interviewed.  This process could take several weeks.  Day-to-day enrolment decisions may vary, depending on the circumstances surrounding the application. Upon a successful interview, parents will be required to pay a Family Enrolment Fee of $200.00 to hold the position.  This initial fee is not refundable if the family later chooses to attend a different school but it is deductible from term school fees.



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