KindergartenThe Kindergarten program is based on the belief that all children are curious and have a sense of wonder about their world. We recognise that each child will bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences to Kindergarten. Our role is to nurture their thirst for learning and to guide them as they seek answers to their questions.

The Kindergarten environment is designed to facilitate learning through play. Play is recognised as a context for learning and can be both child led and teacher initiated. Play experiences are balanced with learning through intentional teaching, social interaction, inquiry projects and the expressive arts.

A large variety of open-ended, multi-sensory materials are available for the children to use and there is a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor environment. Our program has a strong emphasis on the development of early literacy and numeracy skills that will help form a strong foundation for future learning. The Kindergarten program is planned according to the principles, practices and outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework and the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines. Educators work closely together to ensure a smooth transition into Pre-Primary and beyond.

Kindergarten Days and Times :  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday (8:50am-2:50pm)

For information regarding enrolment into Kindergarten please follow the link below.

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