Mission & Values

Mission & ValuesOur Vision Statement

Our Lady of Good Counsel educates and inspires our children within a Catholic family environment.


Our School Motto

“Thy Kingdom Come”

Through the love, compassion and understanding we show to one another in our school, we reflect Christ’s love and help to bring about the coming of God’s Kingdom of Love on earth.


Our Core Values

The way that we go about our business at Our Lady of Good Counsel School is underpinned by our core values.

We strive for:

➢ LOVE – allowing children to discover that the love of God and the Holy Family is experienced through the

love and acceptance of self and others.

➢ RESPECT – for the dignity, self-worth and uniqueness of each member of the school community.

➢ EXCELLENCE – setting high standards and expectations that challenge all to give their best.

➢ JUSTICE – ensuring a just and caring school environment and the use of our gifts in the service of others.