Social Worker

Social WorkerWe have been very fortunate to have been included in the National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP) for 2020-2022. This programme is a Commonwealth-funded initiative to support the emotional wellbeing of students and the school community through the provision of pastoral care.


The Role of the Social Worker

Social Workers have worked in WA Catholic Schools since 1984 and currently there are around 30 Social Workers working in 50 mainly metropolitan Catholic schools. The effectiveness of this school based program allows Social Workers to be readily available to school staff for consultation and to families and students as problems arise. School Social Workers are professionally qualified and adhere to a professional code of ethics.


What does the school social worker do?

The School Social Worker helps  students:

Engage fully with their school experience by addressing social and emotional issues.

Understand themselves and others.

Improve self-concepts and cope with stress.

Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Working with specific groups of students with an identifiable need.

The School Social Worker helps  parents:

Participate more effectively in their children’s education.

Understand and meet their children’s social and emotional needs.

Utilize school and community resources.

Referring and providing a supportive link where appropriate between the students, family, school and community agencies.

Counselling with students and families.


What is counselling?

Counselling provides the opportunity for people to clarify problems and develop and use strengths to find ways of managing and resolving issues or new ways of coping. Counselling takes place in a supportive and confidential atmosphere.

Counselling addresses such issues as:

Behavioural problems at school or at home

Bullying issues

Building resiliency and self-esteem

Child protection issues

Conflict resolution

Dealing with anxieties and fears

Family separation and change issues

Grief and loss

Anger management

Friendship issues/social skills

Parenting concerns


Their main aim is to support children to gain the most from their educational opportunities. They work together with pupils, parents, school personnel, community agency staffs and others to help make school a successful and useful experience for all children. Our school social worker also works with parents and staff to support them to better understand themselves and their children and to learn more about the programs and services of the school and community.