1:1 Device ProgramsOne-to-one learning provides every student and teacher access to his or her own device in a wireless environment allowing students to learn at their own pace and ability levels. In the 1:1 Program, students’ access to a technological device and the internet enables them to be self-directed and receive highly personalised instruction. Students use their personal devices to do research, homework, solve problems critically and creatively, complete team projects, email and academic course work. At the same time, they gain valuable 21st Century skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives and careers.

Please see documents below. For more information please contact admin@olgc.wa.edu.au


2021-2023 1 to 1 Parent Handbook

2019-2021 1 to 1 Parent Handbook

OLGC 1 to 1 Parent Handbook

Program Agreement

Equigroup Education Comprehensive Wording

1 to 1 Acceptable Use Policy

Internet Link

ZuluDesk Parent v2 Overview & Demo