AbsencesPlease find below acceptable options for absentee notification:

One Day Absences: Fill out absentee form or phone the school on 6242 3400 preferably before 9.15am.  If we have not received any notification prior to this time we will contact you. Absences need to be followed up with a written note, email or through the absentee form.

Extended Time Away: If your child is going to be away for any length of time (i.e. family holiday, surgery), a form must be sent to the principal prior to the absence. Please see Student Extended Leave During Term Time information.

Late : If your child arrives to school after 8.40am, the sign in system, in the school office must be completed by a parent/guardian.  Your child will then be given a red card to take to the class teacher, this is to let the teacher know that you have signed your child in.

Early Departure: Should you need to collect your child early from school (i.e. appointment, sickbay call) then the iPad Register must be completed prior to the collection of the child.  You will be given a purple card, this is to let the class teacher know that the register has been completed at the school office.

If there are any unresolved absences for your child a letter requesting a reason and signature will be sent home with your child and must be returned the following day.  Signed notes and emails are still acceptable forms of notification.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the office on 6242 3400.